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We are a non profit organization. I want everyone to recognize the sponsors who allow us to further this league and expand for the years to come. West Chester NFL Flag is going to be starting our first pads league in the Fall of 2019 for 5th and 6th graders. To start our pads league we will need $30,000 for equipment alone. Our league needs money to be sustainable and grow. With sponsorships and contributions we will make memories that will last with our kids for the rest our there lives. Every large donation will be tracked with a receipt to the sponsor to let them know what there money is going towards. Any local business or individual who would like to help sponsor our league please reach out for additional information. Every business or individual who donates over $1,000 will be recognized below. 

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Our product is pure.  Our product is potent.  Our product will blow your mind. 

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